Digital Printing

Digital Printing is the most powerful printing solution for any kind of day to day printing needs. nirmanee digital print house we are ready to provide this  services with high quality with latest technology.  

Flex Printing

Looking at large size banner print flex printing is the most common option. Nirmanee digital print house uses the latest technology and quality products only. we guaranteed customer satisfaction. We have three Qualities available.

Flex Normal Quality | Flex Medium Quality | Flex High Quality

PVC Sticker

For any kind of PVC sticker print, we are using high quality materials only.if you want to make any size sticker print  we are ready to do it with guarantee.

PVC Transparent Stickers

Make your branded transparent sticker with us. we make it you're favorite.

One-Way Vision Stickers

Commonly use this type of stickers for cover glass with any beautiful design. one way can only see another side. we do any kind of size with quality materials.

Back-lit Film

The backlit film can be used for any type of business. it's a board with lightning. you can use nighttime advertisements with this. we can do any size of backlit for your needs.

Synthetic Fabric

We can print any kind of synthetic fabric printing needs.


X banners are the most popular banner type of any kind of business. we have quality X banners for a valuable price.

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